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The presence of denounced can’t be the sole ground to outline charges against him

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The blamed had been accused of executing for four women and two kids at the place of the dad of armed force faculty. Simple presence of the denounced at the crime location can’t be a sole motivation to conjure charges against the blamed, the Jammu and Kashmir High Court held as of late by absolving the individual blamed for homicide allegations of father and different family members of an Army Personnel.

Foundation of the Case

The Court was managing an allure initiated by the appealing party against the judgment passed by the court of Principal Sessions Judge, Rajouri wherein it was articulated that the respondent stands absolved of the charges outlined against him under Section 302, 120-B,121,123,449 Ranbir Penal Code read with Sections 4/27 and 7/25 Arms Act.

The blamed had charges for homicide of four women and two youngsters at the home of the dad of an Army Personnel.

Instance of the Appellant

The allure was recorded in light of the fact that the preliminary court failed in law by absolving the blamed for all charges. Also, the litigant expressed that the preliminary court didn’t mull over the proof of the arraignment decently, as the indictment observes completely upheld and fortified the instance of the indictment and consequently demonstrated that the charges asserted against the denounced are valid in nature.

Perception of the Court

The High Court investigated and the declarations of the observers to from a connection. One of the declarations was an onlooker Lal Begum who expressed in her declaration to see the substance of the blamed Qayoom alone and not for the other denounced, as because of her mature age and frail visual perception she could have a clear vision.
Considering something similar, the Court decided that the advantage of uncertainty concerning presence of charged at the crime location ought to be agreeable to the denounced. The Court noticed that regardless of whether we mulled over the declaration of the onlooker affirming the presence of the blamed still there is no notice for any such demonstration in the declaration which demonstrates that the denounced contributed in the killings.


His essence can’t be the solitary ground to blame him for such genuine accusations, except if his interest in killings is demonstrated through immediate or incidental proof.

“There can be each likelihood that the denounced had to go with the other three people to the place of where the executing also place.”

“Aside from expressing presence of denounced on spot, there is no mumble in the explanation of the observer about the blamed conveying the killings himself or aiding the others in the malevolent demonstration. Simple presence of charged, regardless, can’t involve him for the situation”, the Court noticed.

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