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Private vehicle involved by single individual is “public spot”; wearing cover mandatory in any event, when driving alone: Delhi High Court

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The Delhi High Court has decided that wearing of a veil in a vehicle is mandatory during the COVID-19 pandemic regardless of whether it is involved exclusively by its driver and has no different tenants (Saurabh Sharma versus Sub-Divisional Magistrate, East and Ors).

The Court believed that if the vehicle crosses through open spots, there might be other people who may chance openness. In such manner, the Court additionally noticed that wearing of covers is supported even inside the home if there are old people or people with co-morbidities. All things considered, it was held that “a vehicle regardless of whether established by one individual would comprise a public spot.. wearing of cover would be mandatory.”

“Wearing of a mask of a face cover in a vehicle, which might be involved by either a solitary individual or different people, is… obligatory with regards to the COVID-19 pandemic,” the request additionally said.

The judgment was passed by a Single Judge Bench of Justice Prathiba M Singh in a bunch of petitions testing the burden of fines on those driving alone in their vehicles while not wearing a veil. Every one of these petitions were excused as without merit today, with the Court noticing,
“A mask resembles a Suraksha Kavach for forestalling the spread of the Covid. It secures the individual wearing it as additionally the individual who is exposed…wearing of covers has been one measure that has saved huge number of lives.”

The Court clarified that when an individual is going in a vehicle alone, such status is certifiably not a perpetual one and there were a few different ways by which he/she could get the disease.

It said,

“The individual may have visited a market, or working environment, or emergency clinic or a bustling road, before entering the vehicle or vehicle. Such individual might be needed to keep windows open for the reasons for ventilation. The vehicle may likewise be needed to be halted at a traffic light and the individual could buy any item by moving down the window. The individual may in this manner, be presented to a road side seller.. (different inhabitants) can likewise be presented to the infection if the tenant was not wearing the veil. The drops conveying the infection can contaminate others even following a couple of hours after the tenant of the vehicle has delivered something similar. There are a few prospects where while sitting alone in the vehicle one could be presented to the rest of the world. Subsequently, it can’t be said that only in light of the fact that the individual is voyaging alone in a vehicle, the vehicle would not be a public spot.”


Given that the applicants were legal advisors, the Judge added that promoters should perceive and aid the actions to contain the pandemic without scrutinizing something similar. They have a higher obligation to show consistence, particularly in special conditions, she said.

One of the applicants, Advocate Saurabh Sharma, had likewise looked for pay of his Rs. 10 lakh after he was fined Rs. 500.

According to the applicants, the burden of such fine was shameful and illicit as voyaging alone couldn’t be supposed to be a “public spot”.

In a testimony documented by the Department of Health and Family Welfare, Ministry of Health and Family Welfare, Government of India kept up that public heath was a State subject by prudence of Entry 6 of List III of Seventh Schedule of the Constitution.
While the Government of India and the State governments were working in joint effort to handle COVID-19 pandemic, the equivalent did exclude any course from it on obligatory wearing of veils when an individual is separated from everyone else in a vehicle, the Central government expressed.

The Delhi government, then again, attested that an individual vehicle was not a private zone and any individual in it should wear a cover necessarily.

Depending on a Supreme Court judgment on the issue, the Delhi Government presented that when a private vehicle goes through a public street, the general population has the chance to “approach the private vehicle” and approach it.

Promoter K.C. Mittal with Advocates Joby P. Varghese, Saurabh Sharma and Advocate RPS Bhatti showed up for two solicitors.

Promoters Devesh Singh, Shobhana Takiar showed up for Delhi government. Backers Farman Ali Magray, Bhagavan Swarup Shukla, T.P. Singh showed up for Central government.

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