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Contractual appointee has no option to proceed in the post after expiry of agreement except if reappointed or term is expanded: J&K High Court

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An authoritative arrangement reaches a conclusion when the time of agreement lapses and the legally binding representative has no option to proceed in the post except if the naming specialists choose to broaden the term or re-delegate her, the Jammu and Kashmir High Court as of late held (Nisha Sharma v. UT of J&K and others).

A Bench of Justices including Chief Justice Pankaj Mithal and Justice Sindhu Sharma, along these lines, excused a supplication testing a judgment passed by the Central Administrative Tribunal (CAT), Jammu Bench on February 12, 2021 by which the CAT would not issue any course for broadening the term of the candidate who was named on authoritative premise.

By the said excusal request, the CAT had likewise would not suppress the ad notice gave by the respondent whereby two posts of

Woman Assistant Zila Sainik Welfare Officer, one for Jammu and another for Srinagar were promoted.

“It is all around settled that an authoritative arrangement reaches a conclusion when the time of the agreement terminates. The authoritative representative has no privilege to the post or to proceed on the post except if the specialists choose to stretch out the term or to reappoint him,” the High Court said.

Current realities as uncovered from the request was that two posts of woman Assistant Zila Sainik Welfare official were made, one each for Jammu and Srinagar in the Sainik Welfare Department vide Government Order No. 03-04-2007.

The applicant was delegated on April 23, 2013 as Lady Assistant against the accessible opportunity in Zila Sainik Welfare Office Jammu on authoritative reason for a time of three years

The agreement was at risk to be ended significantly before in the event that she turned out to be restoratively ill suited and unfit to play out her obligations, if her work and lead was discovered inadmissible and if there was decay in his/her own control.

On February 6, 2019, the respondent publicized the above post for new authoritative arrangement for a time of three years.

The equivalent was tested by the applicant who asserted that she ought to be permitted to work in any event till she finishes 12 years of administration or accomplishes the age of 60.

The request was, in any case, excused by the CAT on the ground that the arrangement of the applicant was distinctly for a time of three years on agreement premise and since the equivalent or even the all-inclusive period has terminated by efflux of time she has no privilege to proceed on the post.


The accommodation of the guidance for the solicitor under the watchful eye of the High Court was that however the help states of the applicant given that her arrangement is on legally binding reason for a very long time yet the equivalent could be expanded and that the candidate could serve for a greatest 12 years or till she achieves the period of superannuation of 60 years.

The Court, anyway deviated, expressing that the assistance conditions don’t offer that the types of assistance of an authoritative representative on the whole cases is responsible to be expanded or that it is obligatory to broaden the help for a time of 12 years or till the up-and-comer achieves the age of 60 years

“We discover no blunder or illicitness in the request for the Tribunal while the states of the assistance depended upon by the candidate are not compulsory in nature, all the more especially when the arrangement of the solicitor was authoritative,” the Court said.

The Court likewise featured the way that two posts of Lady Assistant Zila Sainik Welfare Officer were made with the sole item to offer advantage to the widow of military staff, spouse of ex-servicemen or wife of a serving military faculty.
The help conditions likewise give that inclination will be given to ex-administration ladies, widow of military faculty, spouse of ex-servicemen and wife of a serving military work force, the Court additionally noted.

“Since the formation of post is in friendly interest to alleviate the difficulty of the widow of military staff/spouse of ex-servicemen/wife of a serving military work force, it is essential that chance to greatest number of women having a place with the said classification is given so the greater part of such women get the benefit and it may not stay limited to one individual,” it was noticed.

The candidate having effectively chipped away at contract reason for a very long time must, along these lines, yield place for the new occupant and if the respondent have started ventures for arrangement of a renewed individual in her put on legally binding premise, it is simply and sensible and in consonance with the target of the plan made by Sainik Welfare Department, the Court closed.

It, thusly, excused the allure.

Extra Advocate Generals Aseem Sawhney and Raman Sharma argued the case for the benefit of J&K.

Backer Ankesh Chandel showed up for the appealing party.

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